What will you learn?

Explore common invasive plants in the Southeastern region, the best methods to remove them from landscapes, and native options to replace them.

What will you experience?

  • Each course is broken into easily digestible 10-20 minute video modules lessons.

  • There is a review section at the end of the course along with an optional quiz.

  • After you finish the course, a download of key takeaway information will be provided, along with a certificate of completion.

  • This course is approximately 2.5 hours, including the review and optional quiz section.

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Course curriculum

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  • 2

    Narrated Identification Videos

    • Part One: Invasive Plant ID and Native Replacements

    • Part Two: Invasive Plant ID and Native Replacements

    • Part Three: Invasive Plant ID and Native Replacements

  • 3

    A Tour of a Transitioning Property

    • Restoration Tour Part One: Non-natives to Natives

    • Restoration Tour Part Two: Non-natives to Natives

    • COMING SOON: Removing and Replacing Non-Native Turf Grass Lawns

  • 4

    Course Wrap-Up

    • PDF DOWNLOAD: Common Invasive Garden Plants and Native Alternatives

    • PDF: Native Plant Ideas - Southeast | List One (more to come, along with additional regions)

    • Quiz: Passing Grades not Required, Unless by Your Organization

    • Thank you for taking this course!

    • Optional Survey

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