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Gardening for the Planet is now fully launched! 

During summer 2021, the course was released weekly. Eleven of the staff members at Winding Stair Farm & Nursery in Franklin, NC were among our first students to join the course. Please take a moment to listen to their thoughts in the video below.

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"I enjoyed all of the course!"

"I was so excited after taking this course that when I arrived home after work, I immediately went online in search of swamp milkweed seeds, ordered some, and got them going in seed trays and I already have 4 sprouting under grow lights!  You guys rock! Thank you for being such great educators!"

"Each part had something that I did not previously know or consider and was informational."

"Confirmed my perspective on the importance of native bees in pollination along with the importance of attracting them gave me a boost of motivation to keep on with my native plant garden mission." 

"Learning interesting facts about wildlife and insects that I did not know."

"I appreciate all the details in the history and scientific research I had yet to learn about native and honey bees."

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